Entrepreneur Internship

Date available: Immediately
Salary: N/A


A LIFENEST Aspiring Entrepreneur Internship is a fantastic opportunity to continue your personal development, increase your work experience, and learn to use your unique entrepreneurial flair and skills in a practical, real-world business setting in the heart of London. No matter what your field of study or expertise is, we believe in talent and we have a place for you.

Role responsibilities

Interns will develop valued skills within various disciplines. The roles and responsibilities will include hands-on experience in the various elements of the business.

  • Provide value using entrepreneurial flair and skills in various aspects of our Primary Activities such as Sales and Marketing.

  • Help with different Supporting Activities of the business such as deal cash flow projections and admin.

  • Conduct market research

Personal Qualities Required

A successful candidate for the LIFENEST Internship position will need to have the right personal characteristics. We are less concerned about practical skills at the start as these can be learned and taught - though they would be highly advantageous.A successful candidate will possess and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Big personal ambition and drive.

  • A strong passion for learning and improving.

  • Confident, articulate, self-starter

  • High activity rate with excellent relationship building skills

  • Exceptional verbal skills

  • Ability to adhere to set standards, not a loose cannon

Full details

Offices - Our offices are on Floor 28  in the 'Gherkin' at 30 St Mary Axe.

Salary - Unpaid at the start. Paid upon demonstration of value, drive and high performance. It's all down to you, your hustle and drive to succeed. 

Duration & Hours - Internships are for a minimum of 3 months and require a minimum of 16 hours per week. Half of the allocated hours will need to be completed in our LIFENEST Offices (i.e. one day per week) and half may be completed from home. Though naturally, all of the hours can be performed at LIFENEST Offices if preferred.

Positions Available - 2

Paid Employment opportunities are available for interns who choose to get involved with LIFENEST after demonstrating high performance, a strong and consistent work ethic, contagious enthusiasm, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a constant desire to grow and support the mission, philosophy, and values of LIFENEST. 

In addition to valuable work experience on the job, interns are also invited to LIFENEST special events and executive retreats, where they will have the opportunity to learn from LIFENEST Executives and network with other high-level entrepreneurs as well as professional athletes, actors and musicians.