LIFENEST Holding Payment

LIFENEST Holding Payment


Secures the room for 3 days whilst we process referencing.

Also covers all referencing, agency and legal fees.

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A Holding Payment of £205.00 & International Referencing Fee of £25.00 (only if applicable) is being taken for which this document represents a receipt.

  • The Holding Payment is a payment from the prospective tenant(s) to LIFENEST and is used to cover the costs of Referencing, Inventory, Check-In, Insurance costs and to secure the property for the prospective tenant(s). The Holding Payment is required upon submission of all required documents.

  • Upon receiving payment, the property will be suspended from the letting market in favour of this prospective tenant(s) for a period of 3 days.

  • Should the prospective tenant(s) fail our reference checks; the Holding Payment will be refunded after the “Tenancy Cost” incurred has been deducted.

  • If the prospective tenant fails to progress with the tenancy for any reason the holding deposit will be forfeited.

Where & How do I pay?

Holding Payments can be paid through this website.

Holding Payment Refunds

The “Tenancy Cost” is £110 and covers all costs incurred by LIFENEST Ltd including referencing, credit checks, marketing expenses and loss of rent.

A Security Deposit, of approximately five weeks of rent & utilities, will be required and will be held under an approved insurance deposit scheme. This security deposit will be refunded back to the tenant at the end of the tenancy subject to the condition of the property upon check-out relative to the condition it was received upon check-in.

Referencing Documents: To avoid risk of missing out on the property in question, we request that the following documents are provided ASAP, along with the LIFENEST Holding Payment:

  • Passport Copy or Driving License

  • Passport style photo

  • National Insurance details

  • Utility bill from last 3 months

  • Details of Bank Account with 3 months of Bank Statements (we kindly ask that you can prove funds to cover 2 months of rent)

  • Employment Contract (showing salary/wages/payment details)

  • Statement of Student Status (if applicable)

  • Guarantor details (if applicable)

Proposed tenant(s) should be aware that:

  • The checks and references will be carried out using an approved credit reference agency in strictest confidence and on the basis of information supplied in the Tenancy Process.

  • All personal information supplied to LIFENEST or the approved reference agency shall be kept secure at all times and shall be permanently and securely destroyed when no longer required.

  • The Security Deposit shall be returned in full at the end of the tenancy period, subject to the rules of any deposit protection scheme used and normal wear and tear. However, damage, cleaning and rubbish removal could result in deductions from your deposit.

  • A Professional Inventory will be used for full proof and evidence of the condition of the property at check-in and check-out in the event of an adjudication of deductions to be made to the security deposit.

  • The rental amount agreed must be paid in full and on-time as agreed up to and including the final period of the tenancy.

  • If the tenant is late for any LIFENEST Monthly Payments, a £65 fine will be imposed.

  • By signing the LIFENEST Tenancy Agreement the tenant commits to paying rent for the full fixed term of the tenancy.

  • False statements made could result in early termination of a tenancy under ground 17 Housing Act 1998.

  • Each relevant payment as outlined in the schedule above, must be paid in one amount and in cleared funds before taking possession of the property.

  • Possession of the property will not be granted unless all tenant payments are cleared in full.

  • If the LIFENEST Move-in Payment is not received within the timescale stated, then the property may be put back onto the market and the LIFENEST Holding Payment will not be refunded if the property is taken by someone else.