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Step 2: Secure


Now that you have viewed the relevant images / video, and we know that you're a good fit for the house, you can secure the room with a LIFENEST Applicant Fee

First, sign the LIFENEST
Applicant form below

Please enter your full name *
Please enter your full name
Have you read the terms and conditions? *
The LIFENEST Applicant Fee is a payment from the prospective tenant(s) to LIFENEST and is used to cover the costs of Referencing, Inventory, Check-In, Insurance costs and to secure the property for the prospective tenant(s). The Holding Payment is required upon submission of all required documents + Upon receiving payment, the property will be suspended from the letting market in favour of this prospective tenant(s) for a period of 3 working days. + Should the prospective tenant(s) fail our reference checks; the Applicant Fee will be refunded after the “*Tenancy Cost” incurred has been deducted. * The “Tenancy Cost” is £110 and covers all costs incurred by LIFENEST Ltd including referencing, credit checks, marketing expenses and loss of rent. + If the prospective tenant fails to progress with the tenancy for any reason the holding deposit will be forfeited. + The checks and references will be carried out using an approved credit reference agency in strictest confidence and on the basis of information supplied in the Tenancy Process. + All personal information supplied to LIFENEST or the approved reference agency shall be kept secure at all times and shall be permanently and securely destroyed when no longer required. + If the LIFENEST Move-in Payment is not received within the time scale stated, then the property may be put back onto the market and the LIFENEST Holding Payment will not be refunded if the property is taken by someone else.

Second, complete the Applicant Fee payment

Room 3,
Ethel House

25th August - 30th September 2018: Move-in

(inc. utility bills)

Pay here: